Birchmire Union Jack Mini and Bremer Cooper S.jpg
Bugeye and Met at the morning muster.jpg
Classic Lada courtesy AlphaCars.jpg
Crosley was a rare and welcome sight.jpg
David tries out the Autozam AZ-1.jpg
Lovely rear-engined BMW 700.jpg
Messerschmitt is a Microcar Classic staple.jpg
Micros and Minicars on the front lawn.jpg
Mini and Moke with Deux Chevaux.jpg
Moskvitch at the rest stop.jpg
Moskvitch meets bear (cartoon by Kate Lane).jpg
Ned Foss with his Austin Seven and Stowe prize ribbon.jpg
Nuella and friends have a tea party in the Robbins Kombi.jpg
Our road trip stopped at Matchbox Motors.jpg
Pairing the ideal wine with food is easy at the Microcar Classic.jpg
Pretty Met at Matchbox Motors.jpg
Regalia (design by Monique Gould).jpg
Rest stop has VW heading west and Trabant heading east.jpg
Rides offered by Minis and micros.jpg
Riding in an Anglia (an English Ford).jpg
Riding with Iain.jpg
Ross Bremer (left) brought his Cooper S up from Florida.jpg
Schwartz Traveller gave rides too.jpg
Smart looking Isetta ready for a ride.jpg
Wendy and Tom Birchmire in their Pimlico.jpg
Zap-o-ro-zhets is fun to say.jpg

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